UNH Rugby Club Hosts The LT Scott F. Milley Memorial 7’s Tournament

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Milley’s Tournament is in
honor of a fallen Army Ranger Scott Milley. He was killed in action in 2010. We as the rugby team, him
being one of our alumni, created a tournament in
which all the surrounding rugby teams, from the
general area, come in and have this rugby
tournament in his honor. This is a delight. Thank you for coming, from
the bottom of my heart. OK, now tonight you’re going
to toast to Scott Milley. [APPLAUSE] It’s both a men’s and
a women’s tournament. This year there are 21 men’s
teams and nine women’s teams. There’s playoffs, then
semifinals, then finals. So we can play up
to five games, which they are only 15 minute
games, but once you’re playing five games, it
takes a lot out of you. Every year it’s the most
well-attended rugby tournament in the Northeast
by far, and it’s a national qualifier for
nationals and for USA rugby. The Milley family comes
there and serves food to the general public, and it’s
great to see them and shake their hands. It’s an incredible experience. It’s more about the camaraderie. It’s one of those sports that
just brings everybody together. It doesn’t matter what
background you have. It’s all inclusive. Anybody can play, if
they have the will. I would say it’s a combination
of soccer, football, and hockey, because you’ve
got the hitting for football and hockey, and then soccer,
it’s just so much running. [CHEERING] If you get the
opportunity to try rugby, I can’t say you’d go wrong. It’s one of those sport, once
you try it, you’re hooked. The main reason I
come back to UNH is to see this Milley tournament
and support them and see Scott’s family. It’s the biggest
time of year for us all to get together
and remember him.

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