Vietnam Veteran Honored at Walt Disney World Resort

Vietnam Veteran Honored at Walt Disney World Resort

Coming home from Vietnam
there was folks that had
a lot of disdain, I found out,
towards the military.
We’d get spit on walking
through the airport.
It was
a big shock.
To this day I haven’t really
talked to my family about that.
When we were at
Walt Disney World
I was Veteran Of The Day.
They took down the flag
and presented it to me
they had folded it,
and then we got to walk down
Main Street.
Excuse me.
Walking down Main Street
carrying that flag was just
the most amazing thing that
I’ve done in a long time,
and that brought me home
from Vietnam.
Welcome back, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
It’s good to be back.
Bob, was the first person
outside of my immediate family
who acknowledged my return
from Vietnam.
All of the anxiety
that was there
just floated away.
Right face.
Detail, forward.
But it was a really good day.

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  1. Thank you MSgt. Warner and thank you Disney for acknowledging our vets and showing the love. This video brought me to tears cause my dad was a Vietnam vet. Things like this are part of the reason why I have no problem spending my vacation days and dollars at your amazing parks 👍🏼

  2. That's wonderful of Walt Disney World to pay tribute to and honor our veterans. Welcome home veterans and thank you for your service and god bless and god bless the United States of America!

  3. What an amazing experience for him! So awesome that Disney did this and presented him with the flag! God bless our military men and women!

  4. Thank you sir for your service and welcome home!!!! Great job Disney World for making this happen. May God bless all of our service men and women…Past, Present and Future. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Saw this at the movie theatre tonight. Really made me tear up. Thank you for your service sir and thank you Disney for honoring this man and the services he has done!!

  6. Thank you for this I want so badly to do this for my father. We have been coming to Disney as a family since 1979 he is a Vietnam vet and we moved to Florida in 97 just so he could be closer to Disney I need to figure out how to do that for him

  7. Bless him and his service. It's to bad that they filmed a staged flag retreat before the park opened one day for this, instead of the real thing that is done when the park is opened. The real thing is so much more moving.

  8. Hi people I like your videos my favorite part while I was watching was the old commercial about Disneyland my favorites are Stitch Lilo bolt Wall-E and Herbie I wish they can come to our Disneyland California I like Lilo & Stitch Herbie and Wally and Bolt

  9. Thank you to all the veterans that are fighting for our country and have given their lives so that we can be the land of the free

    Like and comment o a veteran that you admire

  10. War veterans like this good man are true heroes, true heroes who aren’t measured by the size of their strength, but by the strength and goodness of their bravery and hearts.

  11. Awww, these overwhelmingly positive comments just warm my heart.
    God bless the veteran, and bless those for being so kind.

  12. Thank you Disney in honoring this true hero, and thank you MSgt Warner and fellow veterans for your service and sacrifice

  13. I came home from RVN in September 1971 and was NOT insulted, mistreated or spit upon. I think a lot of these stories about abuse of returning Vietnam vets are made up.

  14. Thank you Dinsey for honoring this man and doing something clearly special for him. Never do you fail to out due yourself

  15. Thank you for serving our country my grandfather serviced and passed.
    As a granddaughter of someone who served god bless you and welcome home. ♥️

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