Vladimir Puck-tin! Putin, 66, Dons His Skates For A Game Of Ice Hockey On Moscow’s Red Square

Vladimir Putin appears on the Red Square. Under his initiative, Night Hockey League was established in 2011. Before a match, president, wearing number 11, is warming up for the game. The mood is the very good and appropriate for the New Year. Great weather, the Red Square is beautiful during the winter. People are coming here and enjoying for 12 years. It is a tradition to play the match before the New Year. President is opening his saldo by scoring. And soon one more. Head of the state explains why he is playing hockey today in an interview with my colleague Pavel Zarubin. The New Year is soon, holidays, we are relaxing with veterans, with our hockey legends. Once more, we have an opportunity to recall what they did do for the hockey development and overall for Russian sport. Thank them for this game for their contribution in the development of Russian sport. We alone want to relax, it is a great pleasure just before the New Year. I think it is justified. 2018 was a very important year for the development of domestic professional hockey, as well as the night hockey legue. We won the Olympics. The whole country was cheering, it was a difficult situation. It was not easy to watch the final match but guys united and won. The music that is well known in the whole country is playing in the field. Hockey is not accidentally played by real men. It is very easy to get injured. Governor of Tula region is missing this match but he is preparing for the next one. Unfortunately, I have a hockey injury. It happens. It is painful and traumatic, it is what it is. However, I hope I will join the team soon and participate in the Night Hockey League. Hockey is not only the score on the scoreboard, but it is also a special situation, friendly atmosphere. Vladimir Putin is at the cafe, together with other hockey players he is drinking hot tea. Hockey players are sure that in new year there will be new victories.

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  1. Oy vey!! I'm glad I've been praying for this man's safety and health! Everybody KNOWS he has "balls!" Ha! He looks good out there. I was holding my breath (even tho it's oviously tape! Ha!) when he was torpedoing toward the wall, but he stopped so smoothly! And it's so prophetic that he was sporting the #11 jersey!

  2. KLM line one of the best attacks in Hockey of all time . Thank You Russia for letting them come to the NHL back in the 80`s !!!

  3. I want to see Trumpola, Bolten and fatty Pompeo running across the ring, probably they will be dragging their frozen balls across the floor.

  4. Yiu sho theme putin ehat a boss you are Russia is happy to have a president like you God bless Putin may he turned Russia into a mighty empire once more

  5. The Russian people are very lucky to have a leader who is committed to the lives of his people and has great wisdom, while it has been a long hard road here in America with pretty much every president since Kennedy serving everyone but the people who elected them, this time I think we should consider ourselves lucky and be grateful we have a leader now, instead of a lifelong politician.

  6. That's why every time another country tries to high stick him and the russian peoples, he hooks them in ths balls !😲 Good for you Mr. Putin. Your never to old. 💪

  7. 66 ?????
    I though President Putin was in his late 30's maybe early 40's…..
    He is one healthy man…
    So is President Trump ,he never Drank or Smoked ,but he's not in the condition President Putin is..

  8. Would pay BIGLY $$$ just to see dump TRY to stand UP on skates!!! He is such a LOSER!!!! Obese, stupid and a whiner who "doesn't like the DARK"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Imagine you don't know who this man is and you are just in the audience then someone tells oh that's the most powerful person in the world playing hockey.

  10. Your so lucky Russia. What an awesome president. Our leaders in canada are not doing shit for our country. Good job Russia.

  11. Dangerous… This man is like a tribal chieftain hero of stone age folk tales. He has become one flesh with his people. West must defame and smear him asap for the sake of liberal world order and global democratic institutions

  12. Wow, that happy look on President Putin's face and people around him just chillin', having a great time.. it's perfect 😊❤🇷🇺

  13. Best president ever, he doesnt just care about his ppl, but he joins them in the mix, he doesnt just sit in an office the whole day, he interacts with his ppl, and that is what makes him awesome

  14. He's not Superman but he sure is a Super Man …… now does he like to cook also ? Because his skills and talents leaves me speechless 😊👍

  15. Hahah I like the way they play,, no push run in a slow mode and the goals r 😊 😁.. have fun mr. Putin u need to relax and hope next year will be less stressed and more prosperous for u and RUS .

  16. Greetings Mr President👑❤
    A Man of Manny Talents👍
    I Big Love Mr President❤
    I'd like to Wish U A Happy New Year🥂 Manny Blessings For Mother Russia❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. In my opinion Trump has very little free space to manoeuvre in WH …just any other US president, because US are under the pressure of military &industrial& banking& msm cluster of real power! He is living in a golden cage …these Big Three world leaders ( Xi, Putin and Trump) they can easily come to terms individually one another…but in US is everything but predictable policies…unfortunately…

  18. anytime i went ice skating, the boots were made for people with no ankle bones. i have never understood this, and questioned it every time, and people looked at me like it was me who had weird legs or something .

  19. Trudeau sucks. He hasn’t done shit for us here in Alberta. That’s right last term for that loser and we’re putting the conservatives back in Alberta. We need someone who cares about oil. Now beat it you liberal fuck.

  20. Hristiyan lara söylüyorum maide 73 allah üçün üçüncüsüdür diyenler de kafir olmuşlardır halbuki tek bir ilahtan başkası yoktur eğer bu dediklerinden vazgeçmezlerse elbette içlerinden kafir kalanlara acı veren bir azap dokunacaktır oğul kutsal ruh falan filan yoktur allah birdir başka tanrı yoktur kardeşim

  21. Maybe we could get Putin to run for president in 2020!!! America needs a real leader who knows how to run a country, also not a bad skater.

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