Volley Like A Tennis Pro – Even If You’ve Never Played Tennis Before (it’s simple 😀)

Hi, it’s Matt Ward from Tennis Inner Secrets…
and in today’s lesson we’re
going to show you how to volley like a pro.
so we’ve actually found a few
secrets from the pros over our years of
coaching and watching tennis.
I’m going to share them with you today.
We’re gonna turn you into a brick wall at the net as a volley.
Okay, so the first thing
you’ve got to think about is what part
of our body moves fastest
well it’s our eyes and then our hands so
when we’re volleying against a fast ball
it’s all about hand movement and speed.
So let’s have a look if I isolate my
hand I can only move my hand on this
drill, how I can still volley the ball.
Okay let’s go George…
So turn sideways shoulder out all I can
move now is my hand let’s see if I can
still volley
Ok, a couple on the backhand
Okay, so we can see we’ve
isolated the hand and the shoulder so the
only movement is the hand.
So now we need to put that into the volley.
Now you may have seen in one of our previous videos, the two-step volley? this is what the
pros use to really get some forward
momentum really dynamic at the net.
We get good punch, good power, good control. We combine that with a nice steady hand
steady racket and you get the ultimate
volley, let’s have a look at that now.
Okay, you can see there just from those
few quick volleys with that rock steady
volley, that hand in front…
no mistakes all off the middle all with
power and using that footwork to really
push you into the net gives you even
more power so you really dominate.
Bit like playing against a wall and that’s
what you’re going to be next time on
court if you follow our tips.
Okay, go out and court have a go, let us know what you think
remember to leave a comment subscribe
and all that good stuff 🙂
see you next time

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