Waluigi’s Revenge! – Mario Tennis Aces Funny Moments vs BasicallyIDoWrk

Waluigi’s Revenge! – Mario Tennis Aces Funny Moments vs BasicallyIDoWrk

Oh, there he is
Are you ready Brock?
Mm-hmm. Let’s get it boy. All right, here we go ready for this who’s your main you know boo. Oh you mean boo?
Okay, me and my boo. Okay, I hit you with a chainchomp dawg?
Okay, here we go. Oh, okay, okay
You serve it first. What’s up ready for this ready for this?
Boy already off the board. Let’s go Eddie. Come on. Wow. Come on, chop him up chop him up brock. You ready do it?
Oh the balls onto of your head (brock laughs)
Oh, here comes
its over there Brock
brock its over there
Over there. Yeah. Oh, I see you teleporting. See that what? Hey boy what about this brock
(brock gets mad and marcel gets cocky)
Bam bam
That’s out of here let’s go
Sup brock. No I didn’t I was going that way what’s up boy? We’re my fans at hey fans. How you guys doing?
Oh boy. Oh boy. This is
( marcel laughing OWO)
You’re serving okay?
What are you doing? you ready you ready? We’re changing Court now, what’s up boy? You ready for a Brock change court.
(marcel gets alerted of the enemy ball inbound)
My God he’s so big dude, the mine games, he’s chunky
I’d say he’s chompy. Yeah, he’s Chompy
Serve it up serve it up
Got serve mine you got fire doing he’s so big. I can’t see the ball
Oh, I thought I was serving (marcel grunts very hard)
Yeah!! i hate you so much
O good
(brock screams), I wasn’t watching come on. lets go. serve it Brock come on
It’s over for you doc BAM, do you not slow motion to me Oh
Get over there. Come on Oh
Go let’s go baby. See the realizes Chain Chomp is the Serena Williams of Mario Tennis
Not only is he black but he’s fierce and thick
oh man right Brock. You ready? What are these mirrors BAM Oh
My gosh you can hit the mirrors. Oh
My gosh. Yeah, you hit the mirrors and it comes back at you. Okay ready?
It’s not a curve oh I put a little English on it. Oh
No Brock, don’t do it
Brock stop Oh no
It’s making my big body run back and forth if you don’t stop doing these curves, oh, why is it Oh,
Oh, where is it? Where’s it going eat that out of here boy?
I’m wild BAM. Oh, geez, okay
Curb baby gosh
Coming at you Brock, what’s going keep that out of here Brock watch out?
(brock slams his head on his desk after he lost the pont to a big ball with teeth)
Okay, all right, get out, coast-to-coast I like it okay or make my comeback huh? Oh
My where I make my comeback OH MY *DEMONETIZED WORD* GOD
Oh, where is it going
Whatever im over it you want to switch up characters Brock are you okay?
Are you gonna keep the boo train going I’ll switch to someone else. I clearly need to I wanted to change the Chain Chomp
I want to change the chain chomp You know what?
Okay, oh okay the match of the ages
think your so much better than me. You’re in smash and I’m not
Okay, like your hair I like it
Get out of here get out of here
Baby I just I was just sitting there looking at your belly. It was captivating me
Get it out of here boy
Let’s go
What’s that swing gonna strike one!
Cuz I’m 340 right now serve it. Oh
you ready for that heat, I was not ready for that heat. You put a little bit of zing on that bad boy
Dammit. There we go. Come on. Don’t want it. You don’t want it
Okay change Court, come on change
(marcel hit the ball with all he’s got but its to hard and over shoots the court hitting a nearby toad sending him to the hospital 0W0)
No, no no, yes, ok
Hey, that’s funny you said come on and that’s what Wario did
Brock please
You have so much goddamn it I don’t like this
( the wah Michel Jackson’s on his brother short fat wah)
I’m sorry, Marcel Brock, please block, please
Don’t do it
You did not
That got my heart going oh
My gosh, I’m about to take off this hoodie in a minute
That was a close game
Even our even our points or like within a thousand of each other. I’m fine with a rematch on that one be honest, bro
I’m just lucky to be playing with you. I need the cardio
as you can tell
With the sauce with the sauce that a curve
Wario ( try’s to Michel Jackson again but fails)
When you did your trick shot I was like I’m gonna do mine and then I didn’t need to and all right do it Brock
This is
To put an end to it, but you know
To do it and let you know it right now Brock if you use that special, I’m 100 percent blocking it this special
You just broke my racquet let’s look at this again
No spin away just knocks to be like out of the stadium
That’s two – is that – – that is
So this is they’re just I’m switching care. Okay, I think that’s yeah
That was intense. You broke my racket. Who’s this? Little guy? Oh, that’s spike
He’s old. Uh
Maybe Yoshi. Let’s see. So it’s two two two two two. Okay, serve it to me Brock serve it to me
Let’s go baby. I knew I got him I know
Sorry, it wasn’t paying attention
Thought it’d be my serve come on baby. Come on baby. Hey crowd, how you guys doing how you doing toads?
Hey, yeah, big man big man you
Ready? I’m ready. You ready? Wait, wait, actually one sec
brock I don’t even care
Yeah, uh, uh back and forth just back and forth
Right in my mouth not your mouth, not your actual mouth
But you know your mouth right there hit me rain mouth wouldn’t have yeah in the mouth
Let’s go. Okay, okay. Okay. Thank you care
No, brock Oh Brock. Stop. Stop brock put the wings away
Pretentious let you have that one because I don’t wanna
I do what it takes man. I do what it takes
No love in this tennis match
Slow that down slow that down slow that down you have so much energy
What was that Oh
Whoa that sent me bad
right in the shins
Don’t do it. I know you want this. I know you want to brock please
i have to Marcel
Oh no
It broke it in one
This lucky you see how fast that thing’s going you dare you dare try
Gg’s oh
You know what Brock it’s why I brought it’s my only shot
You can have it fuck it i dont give a shit ima leave

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  2. I definitly wanna see more of this after this video @moosnuckel !!! The michael jackson waluigi stunt sold it for me wanting more

  3. I am not complaining about the editing, but i wouldnt mind the original game audio (uless there is copyrigth issues)

  4. Hi Brock. I just had my first break up. I’m trying to stay optimistic but tbh, it’s really hard. Any words of reassurance? I’d really appreciate it

  5. I think Moo and Marcel are one of my favorite duos

    Evan and Delirious
    Wildcat and Mini
    Moo and Marcel
    Terroriser and Nogla
    Kryoz and Smii7y
    and others

  6. It seems waluigi has been endowed by the the POWER OF MICHAEL JACKSON

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