Water Bottle Flip 2 | Dude Perfect

Water Bottle Flip 2 | Dude Perfect

Tyler: This is the second story bounce pad.

Man water bottle flips are dead. We’re done. Never happening again.
And then you do something like that and you’re like:
ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect.
Coby: You might be thinking,” you’re playing soccer and baseball?” Huh. I’m bottle flippin’.
(highnote) HAHA!
*in the background* Yeah!
Heyy!! WOOHOO!
Tyler: One flip’s pretty cool…
…but not as cool is a slide flip, into a barricade that flips her again, goes to a
second tier, lands her, and sticks her right on the edge.
So that’s what I’m going to try and do…
Coby: This is the longboard triple flip.
Tyler: This is the no-looker.
Tell me that landed.
Coby: Baang!
Garrett: Thanks bro! appreciate that!
Cody: This is the “Swinging Swing Staller”, check this out.
Garrett: You always end the trick on a little railer, dude.
*DJ Record Scratch*
Garrett: *gasp* “ooh”
Tyler: wow *laughter*
Tyler: This is the beard balancing bottle flip. Here we go, boys!
I got it, baby!
Garrett: Well, as you can see, early stages of his training,
we will continue and master the flip.
Tyler: I like the future of DP
I’m feeling good about it. Owen, I’m proud of you. Good job, bud.
Tyler: Can you say, “This is the bottle flip”? Owen: (shyly)This is the bottle flip.
(in the background) Ooohh!
Garrett: Yeahh!! (claps)
Coby: That was…my arm.
Garrett: Wooo!!
Finish her off.
*DJ Record Scratch*
Garrett: Ha ha, worth a shot.
Garrett: Baang! Wall bouncer baby.
And finish her off.
Tyler: This is the double flip slider.
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  1. 2019: *flip bottles with fancy ways "Wow that's cool! "
    1930s : *Men built empire state building without harness "am I joke to you?"

  2. I like dude perfect I'm a fan and great bottle flipping you guys!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🤑🤗😉😊😍☺️😋🙂😘😚😙😗😜

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     We are 3 subs away from 100 subscribers can you guys help me get there?

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    We are 3 subs away from 100 subscribers can you guys help me get there?

  6. Well i've watch this in like 12k views and now 216m seriouslyyy??!?!?!??! I am one of the first who watched this

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