Way Too Early NHL Seattle Expansion Draft Simulation

Way Too Early NHL Seattle Expansion Draft Simulation

so the New Jersey Devils have fired general manager ray Shiro we’re gonna take a look at the move what it means for the New Jersey Devils moving forward and we’ll talk about maybe why this happened make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below and let’s take a look at the New Jersey Devils new hire so the New Jersey Devils fired general manager ray Shiro yesterday right before their game we’ve seen them do this before they traded Taylor Hall before a game they traded while they fired John Hines before a game that like a couple of hours before and now they get rid of their general manager ray Shiro’s the New Jersey Devils and parted ways it was a mutual agreement between race hero and the owner of the the New Jersey Devils alie lien rat Nasrudin has done a very good job with the Devils I think as the head coach Tom Fitzgerald and now Martin Brodeur are going to have a tough task with this New Jersey Devils team it’s gonna be a lot of questions about the Devils what they look like heading into next year I think at this point it’s you’ve got a cell you have to sell your your upcoming free agents after the New Jersey Devils Tom Fitzgerald even if you don’t win all the trades I’m sure teams are gonna be sculpting around watch Stevie why possibly looking to bring in maybe Severson I’m just saying that just saying but it’s definitely something that I’d be looking at Tom Fitzgerald there’s a new general manager he says he’s gonna need a lot of help from his other guys in his room in the press conference he made he was very emotional you know his buddy ratio just got fired his mentor and now he’s kind of taking the role so kind of a cutthroat industry but that’s how business works unfortunately but good for Tom Fitzgerald getting the opportunity the assistant general manager he was offered you know teams were looking to interview him over the summer last year to be as a general manager of their team and now he’s with the New Jersey Devils and we’ll see what happens with the Devils Martin Brodeur as well who came back he has some managerial experience when he was with the st. Louis Blues I think there’s a good opportunity for him to continue to add to his resume with the NHL so they are going to do a thorough research in their next general manager it’s not going to be a quick decision they’re gonna may take the time and they’re gonna make the right decision and and we’ll see what happens I mean I have to assume Tom Fitzgerald will be in the conversation to be instated as the official general manager moving forward and and that definitely may happen you know it’s tough of ratio you know in five seasons when we was in the midst of his fifth season here with the New Jersey Devils they only made the playoffs of once but they’ve been rebuilding and again like this is one of those things I think a lot of doubles fans were even kind of caught off guard they were not expecting him to be fired at this point and you know what like I don’t know I feel like they didn’t give ratio enough time again he was definitely it seemed like the message all right things aren’t working so well but I don’t know I I just feel like there really wasn’t enough room because you still have all these young guys you have Jack Hughes who’s just so young you nico here who is so young you maybe question the leadership I mean I think Andy Green is a great leader trying to say Jack yeah but then you’ve got like pique and again I don’t think peak and I have nothing against PK I think PK Subban is a very good player long as YouTube thing the SU maniacs that’s great but I don’t know how great of a leader he is in certain situations when the team’s you know not doing so well in losing I don’t know I just questioned that sometimes with this team I like I said I think Andy green and Travis a jack but how much longer are they gonna be in the NHL you would have to think Andy greens on the final year of his contract he’s probably gonna retire at the end of this season and and you kind of question the same thing with Zajac how much longer is he really going to be going so and the devil’s definitely have some interesting decisions to make over the summer even before then at this year’s trade deadline it’s nothing gonna be interesting and things definitely are going to be changing a little bit so if you hear rumors about the Devils maybe making a bigger move Tom Fitzgerald maybe looking to do that now I don’t know you know and they may wait till the offseason to make a bigger move just because they don’t know how comfortable they are with topics at this point but we’ll see what happens with the devil so let me know in the comments section down below what do you think in the New Jersey Devils firing a ray Shiro and bringing in Tom Fitzgerald and Martin Brodeur so thank you for watching this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and a subscribe down below thank you for watching and have a great day you

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  1. Love it! I know a lot can change but I have a feeling that Seattle will make a T.J. Oshie move like Vegas did with Deryk Engelland. Having a hometown player to rally behind, let alone an All-Star, would me awesome.

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