We Tried An Indoor Surfing Workout Class

We Tried An Indoor Surfing Workout Class

– On my way here, I was like, I got this. I don’t got this. (playful music) – Today we’re going to be taking an indoor surfing class. – I’ve always wanted to surf
since I was a little kid. I was a big fan of Rocket Power. – Just the fact that it’s indoors, and not in the actual ocean, is quite alright with me. – I used to be really
athletic in high school, and even in college, I actually
worked out a little bit. – Two to three days a week I’ll work out, or at least that’s what I tell myself. – I have recently fallen out
of love with working out, and I’ve been trying to reignite my working out flame with classes. – I just wanna get a new skill set so I can have something
to do on the weekends, because I’m getting old, and I’m running out of things to do. – One side, get up, and now I’m standing up. – I’m ready. Let’s go do this. – We are currently walking
over to our surfing class. – Right. – You’re looking at
American’s best surfers. (Jade chuckles) – Thank you for coming in
to Surfset New York City. We do surf inspired fitness classes. So today we’re going to do a class that’s called The Blend Format, equal parts cardio, strength, and balance intervals. We like to focus on
working specific muscles and skills that you use
surfing in the ocean, but it’s not a learn to surf class, but what we can do it
work those similar muscles and skills that you use
to surf in the ocean, and also help you to prepare if you decide to take those skills out. – So for the class, is there anything in particular that we have to wear or not wear? – We’re gonna go barefoot today, like you’re going to the beach, so you get that good feel on the board just like you’re out on the water. – [Jade] Let’s do it. (Ashley laughs) (rock music) – [Aaron] In our first position. – Oh my god. (laughing) – We’re getting a feel for what we call our surf stance, okay? (clapping) – That was the warm up. I guess we got a little
bit more time left. – I think I would have
drowned a little while ago. – I’m really bad. – Wow, that was nice. – Oh, thank God. – This is a good test to see
what you need to work on, and for me that’s everything. – Oh yeah. – I might not look
stable, but I am stable. – [Jade] Graceful. (clapping) – [Ashley] Oh God. – [Jade] I’m just mirroring
you guys at this point. (clapping) – [Diana] Thank you. – That was awesome, thank you guys. – So encouraging. – [Jade] Yeah, you guys worked me out. Thank you, man. – The instructors are really encouraging, which is the biggest thing for me. I’m all about, I can’t really do this, but if you say it in the
right tone, I bet I can. – I loved it. I think it’s the closest
I’ll get to hitting a wave. – Surfset was awesome. Ten out of ten, would do it again. (rock music)

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  1. When buzzfeed runs out of Saf's videos to copy so they start copying Clevver instead #getorginalcontentplease

  2. When all the original people at buzzfeed quit and so you look at the new people and you're like who the hell are they??!

  3. Anyone remember the episode of icarly and Victorious together and there was a indoor surfing game at the party

  4. This is not indoor surfing. This is Buzzfeed thinking thinking "hmmm ,how are we going to get viewers to watch a bad video of people working out . Oh ,I know click bait.

  5. These are just basic bodyweight excersises, exept you're doing them on a surf bord and probably paying an outrages amount of money.

  6. Surfing is so much fun they should try real surfing next ITS so much fun and the adrenaline you get when you catch a wave is amazing

  7. On a field trip I went to Mothers Beach and they reached how to kayak, look at seals on boats, and surf (I think more but I forgot the rest)
    And just swim in a very cold pool that was like 3 feet (deeper but can't go to deep side) and I got used to the cold water

  8. I once did one of those surfing things outdoors where its a machine and I remember falling off, not even knowing I was been sucked back up, and just coming from the bottom to the top. Luckily, a few other people did that so I wasnt super embarressed.

  9. I thought they were
    Gonna surf in the water with the rampwith the water coming down like in raging waters

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