What’s inside a Pinball Machine?

What’s inside a Pinball Machine?

– This was built when I
was like 20 years old. This is something that costs anywhere between three and $7,000. It’s been played, supposedly, less than 100 times in 20 years. (upbeat electronic music) Today’s video is sponsored by KiwiCo. When we destroyed the Pac-Man machine, (Lincoln and Dan cheering) it was really, really fun. We hit it with a baseball
bat, with a T.V., we did all kinds of stuff to it. Did Lincoln just open it up? Hey buddy. – Hey. – But we did get a lot of grief. Even YouTube Gaming tweeted out that they were sad that it happened. I talked to a YouTube news person. He just does drama news, and he told me that he almost
did a drama story on it at one point. As we prepare to move into the house that we’re currently building, I wanna make this thing fun. And so I had kind of a
crazy idea to buy one of the rarest Star Wars
Episode One pinball machines to put in the house. And today we’re gonna see what’s inside of this pinball machine. This is what we own now. First things first, Lincoln. Are you ready? – Oh, my gosh. – [Dan] It has your favorite all. – [Lincoln] Jar Jar Binks. – [Dan] Jar Jar Binks
is in it, your favorite. Are you ready to play it? – [Lincoln] Yeah, I’m ready. – [Dan] All right, let’s
see how good you are. How good are you at pinball first? – I have not done this for a few years. What? – [Dan] Should we destroy it and break it? – No. – [Dan] No? – Nope. – You wanna take this to the new house? – Mm-hmm. – Okay, then it’s up to you. I can’t guarantee that
we’re not gonna break it, but I’ll do my best. – Okay. – Okay, the first thing
that we are gonna do is get inside of it. We have keys. (pinball machine beeps) Actually, the first thing I’m gonna do is kill the power. Okay, power is killed. We don’t need to shock ourselves. If we’re gonna keep this in good shape, we gotta be careful. There is a big, yellow lever in here. If you look inside of here, there’s a lever right here. And if I pull on it, it should enable this to come off. This is the main cover that
keeps it from falling off. – Oh, that’s the glass. That’s the part, oh, wow. Don’t drop it. Okay, yes. – There’s the glass. Let’s move the glass somewhere safe. – Jar Jar Binks. – Here’s the inside of this part. – It’s hot in there. – Wow, here’s a T.V. that’s upside down. The lightsaber does not come out. You cannot take it out
and fight with it, darn. There’s a level right there. We need to level this out a little bit. It looks like it’s a little off. It’s a little front heavy. Oh look, there’s little lights
that shine on Jar Jar Binks. That’s funny. – [Lincoln] All right, you ready? – [Dan] You wanna play it. – Start. Yes. Really, really? – [Dan] Watch again. – Jar Jar Binks. Yeah. I’m so good at this game. (Dan laughs) All right, we got another. – [Dan] This is the way to play. (Dan yells) – [Lincoln] I lost one. Pow. Pow. Ah, that one’s going straight through. – These are the bumpers right here. I wanna see what happens with
these orange guys right there. Ooh, you hit that and it does the force. All right, so glass was easy to take off. That’s fine, the thing still works. Clearly, the tricky part is can
we get inside of this thing, and see what’s underneath here, and see how all these bumpers, and all these different rubber bands, and all the magnets, and everything work without breaking it. We’re gonna try our best now. If we do break it, we did it for you guys. Underneath there’s pretty big frames. There’s a pretty big
frame that I can move, so I’m gonna try. – Whoa, this entire thing popped up. – Okay, that didn’t feel safe. – Wow, yeah these two little. Okay, whoa. – We are lifting.
– Huge bars right there. Oh no. Oh, I’m so nervous this
thing’s just gonna break. – [Dan] It does not feel right. It kinda felt like it clicked into place. It kinda felt like it clicked into place. Wow, okay, I hope it’s not broken. – [Lincoln] Wow. – [Dan] But unbelievable,
look underneath here. Look at everything. – That looks like the Pac-Man machine with all of those different
colored wires like that. – So here’s your paddles
right here flipping. And if you look on the
other side when I do that, this is the main mechanism
that shoots the paddles. These are not good to mess with. That we learned from the Pac-Man video. They still contain energy even afterward, and that’s why it says, “High voltage, bottom side of playfield”. We have four balls right here that’s sitting in this little section. This right here is a little bumper that when it’s pushed up
it pushes on the ball, shoots it upward to the spot, so you can take the
trigger, pull the trigger, and shoot it. Right here in these big
sections right here, this is when you shoot
the lasers with the gun, and it shoots the lasers through. Those are the lights for the lasers. This has a pretty intense frame on it that you can hold onto. It makes it feel like it’s pretty sturdy. This is pretty intense. This is something that costs anywhere between three and $7,000 just
for this paintball machine. Before we get into the back with the T.V., and the speakers,
and the other electronics, I wanna tell you about today’s
sponsor which is KiwiCo. So KiwiCo is a company that sends you subscription
do-it-yourself projects that you and your family can work on. These are actually two make
your own pinball machine kits that came in the mail. KiwiCo is something that
we’ve actually been using for three years in our house. My mom bought subscriptions for each one of our kids for Christmas, and then they would have little projects that they would work on. This month’s project is pretty cool, because it is a pinball machine. And the difficulty levels are
based off of your age group. This one right here is the Kiwi Crate. This is for ages five to eight years old. And then this one, for example, is the Eureka Crate. And this is for people
that are between the ages of 14 to 104 years old. – That’s specific.
– If your 105 and you’re watching this video, I’m sorry this kit maybe is not for you. But everybody in between, this is it. This is a great gift for your kids where they get a
do-it-yourself project at home that teaches you some educational things. They have six different crates for kids between the ages of zero and 16. If you wanna get this and show your support for What’s Inside, the link is in the description. You can go to kiwico.com/whatsinside and support our channel, and you can get your first month of any subscription for free. That’s $19.95 value. Okay, don’t let it fall through the crack. – [Claire] Okay, sorry. I’m sorry (laughs) (whistle blows) – All right, I’m not
satisfied with this distance. I think it can go more. There’s rails on the inside. Yes, look at that. That’s how you see inside of it. There’s some extra parts down here. Extra stickers, and different parts that can go inside of it. – How did you figure that out? – [Dan] I just pulled on it a lot more. It looked like there’s
a railing down here. – Did it break any of the, oh yeah. – [Dan] I don’t think there is, but it looks like that’s
what’s it’s supposed to do with the railing. – Yeah.
– Look, there’s even a subwoofer down at the bottom. This is inside of it. I didn’t realize, I mean
the speakers are loud. I’m pretty sure these
are speakers right here. That’s like a soundbar, but then down here there’s a subwoofer that goes down to the bottom. What’s inside the back of this thing? I think the main computer
is inside of there. (drill whirls). Ooh, this is it. This is the fan. This is the giant T.V. And then, it looks like an
old computer from the 90’s. In today’s computers, I’m sure this would be much, much smaller, but it is pretty cool
how they can put together the pinball world and the
gaming world all in one. (drill whirls) (metal screeches) Oh, yeah. – [Lincoln] There we go, we’re back. – Hopefully it still works. – We need to test it. That sounded good. Oh yeah! – Okay, oh my God, I got it. – [Spooky Voice] Oh my God, I got it. – Oh, I’m so good at this. Look how good I am Lincoln. That still works. – It’s pretty cool. – [Dan] Should we keep it? – Yes. – [Dan] Could we put it in your bedroom? – No. – I’ll keep it in my room. – I think I learned my lesson that we don’t need to destroy
vintage gaming things. We’re gonna keep this. Even though that last one, it
was stuck in somebody’s house. They had it on sale for years for $1,000. They found it abandoned
in a storage locker. That Pac-Man machine wasn’t as wanted, and it was more mass produced than what something like this is. It’s a pretty awesome piece of art, and I think we’re gonna hold on to this for a little bit. Are you sad that we
don’t fully destroy it, or are you okay with us
just trying to keep it. – No, I wanna keep this. – [Dan] You’re smiling.

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