What’s the real color of a tennis ball? Science has the answer.

So color is a funny thing.
Is it green or is it yellow?
This is lime green.
I would say that this tennis ball is neon yellow.
It’s like neon green.
I think I would say green to be honest.
This tennis ball looks to be a very,
it’s like a neon greenish yellow.
We have the science to prove
the color that’s behind the tennis ball.
It’s optic yellow,
that is the color of the ball.
We have been able to very quickly
through science and color science
understand and know that this color
is mostly and mainly yellow
with the very slight hue
or hint of green.
Years ago we used white tennis balls.
This is a world of color.
So color television came to be
and tennis at the time
used white tennis balls.
So the idea of the International Tennis Federation
went off on this quest to develop
a color that could be seen.
A lot of science went into
the choice of optic yellow
in terms of making sure
that a tennis ball could be seen clearly
on a color TV screen.
What we’re able to do is mimic that color,
hit that color very closely.
And if you’ve seen the tennis ball,
and you’ve seen this recipe,
you do know it gets your attention.
This is not your regular yellow.
There is something magical about this hue.
High chroma is the definition.
So you know, again,
your eyes say, bam, wow.
It makes the world a very colorful place.
That’s what we want.

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