Why Pinball Was Banned for Decades | Retro Report

Why Pinball Was Banned for Decades | Retro Report

through the decades there have been so
many things that adults have looked at
and said these things are harmful to
children we don’t like them but with
Pinball machines they actually passed laws
against them new york city compete to
round up of thousands of pinball machine
to each valued at about $100 the most
amazing thing about the pinball bans is
how long they last it
hillo is illegal in New York City from
1942 until 1976 we’re here in Ocean City
New Jersey on a Sunday and I have long
heard that to this day was illegal to
play pinball machines on a Sunday and if
that’s true
everybody in here including myself is
breaking the law
we found this law daddy specifically
mentions that it’s illegal to operate a
pinball machine after midnight or all
day Sunday
now this law only applies to non arcade
so places with arcade licenses are
the thing about penile machines is they
were viewed as a game of chance and not
skill the ball is going wild it goes
everywhere there is this innate chaos to
the pinball machine and no matter how
good you are involved you can’t control
that ball and thus according to logic at
a time that made those gambling machines
but unlike other gambling machines out
there things like slot machines pinball
machines were also viewed as a game that
would appeal to children and turn them
into stark raving mad gambling addicts
that’s what the threat of pinball is all

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  1. They also provided cash payouts – like a gambling machine. Why you didn't mention this simple fact is more than a little amazing compared to the convoluted bullshit you put on camera.

    Now you can only get free games (which can be disabled because even that can run afoul of some laws). That's why the 'skirt' of any machine says in bold letters "for amusement only".

  2. Hi… thank you so much I’m doing this topic for my history day and this was really useful… ❤️❤️❤️🙈🙈🙈

  3. Hey I actually haven't seen this one. But this reminds me of how pool was viewed as bad because unlike billiards, it did not require as much skill and people often used the game for betting, as they do today.

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