Wing suit team and acrobatic gliders stunt flying – Akte Blanix 3

Wing suit team and acrobatic gliders stunt flying – Akte Blanix 3

Akte Blanix III in short is the dream of flying We’re glider pilots and for us as well as for the Red Bull Skydive Team this is central to what we do. The thin line between freefall and flying is where we want to meet. A formation between Blaniks gliders and skydivers That was great! Goosebumps on my back mean it went exactly as it should have! Yes! Perfect! This is how it should be!

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  1. how does an energy drink make enough money to sponsor all this awesome shit!?!?!? seriously? also why arent wing suits in more action films, they are straight up badass!

  2. Well its by sponsoring 'awesome' shit like this that they sell more products/gain more exposure and therefore make more money… to then sponsoer all this awesome shit. One big awesome cycle lol,

  3. Amazing job from everyone!
    I just wonder how the gliders (mainly the one upside down) could maintain exactly same the descent rate as the divers.

  4. and i cant sit up straight after a night of blazin … who ever said men are all the same dont know shit!

  5. 1) Stop and mute the video
    2) Open this: /watch?v=mAeEVS722nA
    3) Play the music from 0:16 and start this video from 0:00 at the same time
    4) Epic!

  6. Por favor, produção do Red Bull, eu preciso voar. Me ajudem a realizar esse sonho. Sonho com isso todos os dias da minha vida.

  7. thaha the guys said "evrytime its running cold down my back evrything goes right :D, thats how it shhould be"

  8. I love redbull for sponsoring things like this. My constitution can't handle the drink but I buy one from time to time just to support them. Because they support amazing things. The space jump / F1/ V8 supercars / and on and on. What a smart and well run marketing strategy. Heres the thing if you see the redbull logo on something you know it will be good.

  9. You guys totally gotta try the Flat Top Ninja paramotor with the Dominator paraglider.  You just haven't experienced flight until you try it.  It's the ultimate.

  10. To think that for thousands of years man dreamed of flying like a bird, and today it has become common place with the invention of wing suits.

  11. Did know wingsuits could do that.
    Could you please tell me – what was your speed and sink rate when the wingsuits were flying along the gliders? Could you keep it stable or were you accelerating all the time?
    BTW I know this might be a bit strange question – but what kind of L/D can you expect from a wingsuit? At what speed?

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