Women Long Jump Highlights “The Match” EUROPE V USA

Women Long Jump Highlights “The Match” EUROPE V USA

Welcome to Minsk Ladies and Gentlemen
That we gonna watch Highlights from Women Long Jump Your Global Friend Icon Mike
Will be at the Commentary, As Always! As we mention at the Begin of the
video We gonna Watch Highlights from the
Women Long Jump Final From the Event, “The Match” Between EUROPE VS USA Follow us on Instagram if you like at bluetvsports For more Highlights of this event, for
Extended Highlights Over 30 minutes you can find in our page in Patreon And we are ready to start our Highlights and we gonna start with Team USA and… Quanesha Burks With Her First Jump Valid Jump! At Six point Forty-One( 6.41) We go Now to See…. This Beautiful Lady Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova At Her First Jump Let’s see… White Flag, it’s a Valid Jump
A Valid Jump at… Six point Fifty-Five (6.55m) This is Sha’Keela Saunders at Her First
Jump We Gonna Watch Just This… Jump for Sha’Keela Saunders in our Highlights A First Jump that was Valid And Was at 6.25m Saunders Have also another Two Valid Jumps The Second 6.29m And the Third 6.39m This is Marina Bekh-Romanchuk for Team Europe This Actually is Her Third Jump Her First Jump was Void, Her Second Jump was at 6.60m Let’s see what she can do at the Third Jump… Very Good Jump,
A Valid Jump A Valid Jump at… Six point Seventy-Three (6.73m) And with this Jump for the.. …at the moment of the event,
She Take the Lead! You see… White Flag Six point Seventy-Three (6.73) And We Go to this Goddess from Belarus! Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova This is Her Third Jump A Third Jump That Looks Very Good! A Valid Jump at… Six point Seventy-Four (6.74m) And She Will Take The Lead! Just One centimeter… better from Marina Bekh-Romanchuk You Can See Her Here Celebrate She’s Happy She Lead the Event so far, We can see here the Replay,
Very Good!!! And we go now to watch at replay, The Fourth Jump of Brittney Reese That was at Six point Sixty-Nine (6.69m) This is Marina Bekh-Romanchuk at Her Fourth Jump… A Fourth Jump that was Void! She Go to Check the mark Let’s go to see the Fourth Jump of… Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova She Lead the event so far With a Jump at Six point Seventy-Four (6.74) from her Third Jump Let’s see her Fourth Jump Looks Valid… and it is valid A Fourth Jump at 6.57m for Nastassia We See Here the Replay Of Her Fourth Jump This is the Romanian Alina Rotaru,
for Team Europe at her Fifth Jump White Flag,
A Valid Jump for Alina A Jump that was her best from Six at Six point Fifty-Two (6.52m) And we go to see Brittney Reese… at her Fifth Jump She’s at the Third Place so far With Her Jump at 6.71 From the Second Attempt Let’s see if she can improve that Looks Good,
But is Red Flag, It’s a Void Jump Marina Bekh-Romanchuk at her Fifth Jump With Jump at 6.73 She’s at the Second Place at the moment let’s see what she can do at her Fifth Attempt It’s a Void Jump You can see the Red Flag So for the moment she stay second Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova at her Fifth Jump She’s at first place… at the moment with a jump at 6.74m Let’s See Her Fifth Jump A Valid Jump, White Flag is Up, A Valid Jump at 6.55 for Nastassia We see here the replay of her fifth jump And now we go to see her last attempt of Brittney Reese For Team USA Let’s see…. Sixth and Last Jump for Brittney A Valid Jump at 6.45 She Will Take the Third Place, and she will offer to Team USA 6 points. Let’s go to see the last jump of
Marina Bekh-Romanchuk A Last Jump that was Valid and was at Six point Forty-Five (6.45m) She Will Stay Second, and she will offer to Team Europe 7 Points And Let’s Go to See the Winner of the Event, That Beautiful Woman! Nastasia Mironchyk-Ivanova from Belarus! At Her… Last Jump Whatever Happens, She is Already First SHE’S THE WINNER! And let’s go to see her at her Sixth and Last Jump Very Good Jump for Nastassia, A Vallid Jump, A Valid jump that was at 6.52 And She Will Take the First Place with her Best Jump at her Third Attempt with Six point Seventy-Four (6.74m) and she will offer to Team Europe
9 Points! Nastassia, The Winner! She’s Always Nice with Fans For me She’s the Most Beautiful Woman… She’s The Prettiest Athlete Very Beautiful! Anyway my friends, We Finish our Highlights here, From me, Your Global Friend Icon Mike Have a Nice Evening!

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