Wood Stanley Cup – Art, Hockey, Woodturning

Wood Stanley Cup – Art, Hockey, Woodturning

Someone said, “Do you think you could you
make a Stanley Cup?” I said, “Absolutely, I could make the Stanley
Cup. However, let me make a scale model first,
about 12 inches high and see how I would figure it out.” This is what I did. I downloaded this photo off of Wikipedia. I put a one-inch grid over it. I scaled it so that it is 12 blocks. This is what I used to figure out these proportions. I am going to make this bottom section segmented. This top part will just be solid, because this is too small to make segmented. This is my plan. The rest is going to be improvisation. Here it is, the Dominion Hockey Challenge
Cup, more commonly known as the Stanley Cup. This was basically a proof of concept, because someone asked me if I could make a Stanley Cup, a full-size one. I said, “Let me make a prototype first.” Hopefully, there will be a commission for
a full-size one. This poplar actually has some nice chatoyance
in it. Overall, I think it turned out really well. If you made it this far, thanks a lot for
watching. If you really liked the video, make sure you
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  1. Looks good, Cam. I hope you get the commission to make a full size one. It's appropriate since the all star game was just played.


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