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  1. Thanks so much for the video and the videos ur going to make! Looking forward to it. I'm also excited cause I just got the new Bauer mx3

  2. I need help. My shots off the ice are consistent and I am able to generate power. But on the ice it's a 50/50 chance I get off a good shot. Sometimes I'll roof a shot or snipe but other times it flukes and goes over the net or slides on the ice.

  3. Great video! You know I realized something. This is the only thing I do when I shoot. Like I only use my wrists and I get no power. Maybe you could help with that? 

  4. Jeremy, I love your Hockey Videos! Am so excited to work on improving my shot! Last year you helped me score more goals! This year I'm hoping for more consistency & of course scoring goals!

  5. Does this mean howtohockey is done? Are you quitting the old channel and moving to this one or running both at once?

  6. The new video looks great.. is that a 5d mark II you are shooting with?  looks great dude congrats on the new channel!   — Brent  #uch  

  7. Thanks for the video Jeremy. My 10 year old son is starting ice hockey this year and he's having trouble getting anything into his shot. We're on our way outside now to give this a try and build from there.

  8. Ive got to thank you for all the vids and the time you put into making them all! I've been watching your channel for ages and they have helped my shooting and overall game no end! i was just wondering about using roller skates to practice off ice, i don't live near the rink and I'm from the uk so we never get weather cold enough to freeze anything over. i live in a village with nothing much around other than a few car parks and some road, do you think using skates will help my ice skating?


  9. Хороший урок,спасибо,очень полезно!
    Побольше Slow motions,как в этом видео!

  10. I've been trying to teach my son how to lift the puck properly for months and he would just get frustrated.  This video explains it better then I ever could.  After watching it with him once, we went outside and tried this drill.  Out of 50 shots he was able to get 40 of them over the 2×12 I put in front of the net.  He even got a few in the top corners!  Thank you so much for all the work you put into these videos!

  11. Jeremy, when snapping the wrist, is it done only with the top hand like in stick handling, or do you want to use both wrists to generate the proper amount of power?

  12. Great video! I just started using it with my shooting pad in the garage and see significantly improved power and control.

    Can you share a similar video on the backhand? Personally, I have always found it much harder to get aim and lift on the backhand. 

  13. This is an awesome training tool for my son who started playing hockey 3 years ago! He has a shooting mat with rebound and this is exactly what he needed to really utilize this tool! Thank you so much for braking it down and simplifying so they can really get the feel for the movements! Looking forward to more videos from you!

  14. Thanks for the vid Jeremy! I still have a doubt about the bottom hand, how stff should it grab the stick ? If it try shoot with the bottom hand a bit loose ( so the stick rolls a bit in my hand at the end ) the shot come off better and I have more accuracy, but I feel that I´m loosing some power, If I try to grab it harder I loose a lot of control and sometimes I cannot even lift the puck. Wich would be the correct way to do it ? Thanks !

  15. Quick question isn't that like just flicking it so how com you don't use your whole body to take the shot?

  16. Do you need a low or correct flex to get height in your shot? I am a beginner and when I bought my stick I didn't really understand flex at the time and I now realize I have a really large flex, and I can't get height to save my life, I have watched all of the videos and have tried really hard the techniques explained, and it seems so simple, just roll your wrists but for some reason it's just not working for me, is it as simple as it looks and sounds because I have put in some hard hours practicing just to get height, and still no height.

  17. Valentines notered lines are redblue lines are bluehockey is awesome and so are you!! Happy Valentines Day Hockey Fans!!!

  18. Hey Coach Jeremy I take your videos and your skill and your effort to teach very seriously, I am 12 years old and live in Madison, AL and I play at the Huntsville ice plex. I would really enjoy to meet up one day because you make up 70% of my hockey training, My name is Ethan and I'm a big sniper and playmaker and I would enjoy to try to train together one day, thanks.

  19. Hey, I am looking for some solid tips for hockey. Embarrassing as it is, I am turning 16 soon and still have the worst time when trying to get some good height and power for a shot… I can raise the puck maybe to knee level… I have no idea what I am doing wrong, I've tried many, many times to flick my wrists quickly but the shot doesn't have ANY power involved!

  20. I've been trying this a lot, I follow everything he says but it doesn't work for me. Is it because I have a wooden stick that's too heavy and sluggish or is it just me? Thx

  21. Hey Jeremy, I am a total newbie to hockey. I am right-handed and I like to know whether I should buy a right-handed or a left-handed hockey stick. I have been told both ways and I am really confused. Please advise and thank you.

  22. Thanks I appreciate this very much! I'm brand new at hockey and I've been trying to learn it all on my own. I've been thinking push and flick in my head. I guess that's right. I was thinking somebody had to learn all this in the beginning by themselves, but thank God I don't have to reinvent the wheel and have your excellent tutorials to guide me. Thanks again you're a huge help!!!

  23. Wait till his balance if off on one leg shift body wait and push or just all out lay into him getting low first! Let's go

  24. Ok, more tape, swicht sticks, curve my stick over during a shot. The more over curve the lower the shot leave to open or up and it's gonna go high…

  25. This video I tried to do it but I can’t get snap of it’s just so slow and I don’t hear one tiny click

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