WXXI Arts InFocus – Ashley Lugwig – Pinball Restoration Artist

– [Ashley] Hi I’m Ashley Ludwig and I restore
pinball machines.
Every pinball machine is about the same.
If you take the back glass out you have all
the the brains of the machine, the boards
and everything that controls in the back box.
And you have the cabinet play field and everything
mechanically underneath the play field.
Some machines that we get are in really bad
Whether it was painted by someone very poorly
or there’s a lot of damage to the cabinet.
I’ll go through, fill any cracks, any holes,
sand it and make sure that the surface is
So then I can start going through and matching
When I’m matching colors it’s really important
to take my time.
If I don’t do it correctly the first time
it’s going to be nightmarish to go through
the machine and tweak the color as I’m going.
I have a 50 point checklist that we’ll go
through, making sure everything gets disassembled,
cleaned, replaced if it needs to.
Clean up any corrosion, replace any chips
that need to be replaced.
We switch to using LED bulbs versus the incandescents.
They’re more energy efficient, cooler, brighter.
They really enhance the play field.
And then we’ll go through, put brand new legs
on it.
Move pinballs, clean it up, make sure it looks
brand new like it did in the factory.
I play pinball pretty much every day.
I definitely enjoy playing pinball.

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