Youngstown triple murder defendant jumps off court balcony, dies

Youngstown triple murder defendant jumps off court balcony, dies

our coverage. Gerry Ricciutti joins me now. We sent out an immediate alert on Seman’s act this morning before 10 o’clock What was the purpose of this court hearing today? This had been literally a last second thing…lawyers in the case were going to go over paperwork to excuse a handful of potential jurors from the case..and the judge was explaining what she would be telling those jurors about why this case had been moved to Portage County because of pretrial publicity here…. [A9]20170410 SEMAN JUMPS 5-PK 39 46 1:37 Robert Seman’s final hearing hadn’t even been scheduled until after the Mahoning County Courthouse opened for business this morning… DAWN CANTALAMESSA: IT WAS GONNA BE A VERY INFORMAL..WE DIDN’T EVEN THINK HE WAS GOING TO BE HERE IN FACT.. Assistant Prosecutor Dawn Cantalamessa says lawyers in the case were going over what would be said this Wednesday in Portage County as part of jury orientation there — and Seman never even went into the courtroom…This security-camera video provided by the Sheriff’s Office shows deputies escorting Seman..who was dressed in civilian clothing — when he suddenly dives head-first over the ledge…He landed on the floor of the Rotunda..four stories below and died minutes later… WE WERE BACK AT OUR OFFICE..AND HEARD THE SAME NEWS EVERYBODY ELSE HEARD..THAT HE HAD THROWN HIMSELF OFF THE FOURTH FLOOR RAILING.. Seman had been accused in the arson deaths of 10-year-old Corinne Gump and her grand parents Bill and Judy Schmidt March 30th two years ago…That same day..Seman had been set to go on trial accused of raping the young girl — a crime that would have brought a mandatory life sentence without parole if he had been convicted…Although Seman insisted from the beginning he was innocent — even claiming he was under house arrest at the time of the fire..prosecutors wonder if this final act wasn’t some sort of 11th hour confession… HE KNEW THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HIM..EVERY WITNESS WE HAD TALKED TO IN PREPARATION FOR THE CASE..THAT THAT THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHY HE WAS NOT PLEADING GUILTY..OR NOT ASKING FOR SOME KIND OF PLEA..SO THIS IS VERY TELLING TO ANYONE OUT THERE.. Still..even after two years..time..his defense team had no idea it would come to this…. TOM ZENA: NO.. HE MAINTAINED HIS INNOCENCE FROM THE GITGO.. ..HE WORKED ON HIS WITH US..HE WAS VERY RESPONSIVE.. [A10]20170410 SEMAN JUMPS 5-WRAP Although this case was to be tried in Ravenna because of excessive publicity over the last two years..we’ll now never know what verdict a Portage County would have rendered. We don’t even know if an impartial jury could have been seated there. Robert Seman was in street clothes and no handcuffs. How had his court appearance changed over time? Why was he not in handcuffs? Coming up at 6 — what angles of this

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  1. His head must have made the sound of a ripe pumpkin hitting the floor? Threw himself off too. No help and all caught on video. Done.

  2. They say the Aid Car stopped at In and Out Burger on the way to the hospital…. ordered three grill orders, took like 20 minutes…

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