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  1. 64 years old, been gaming (on and off) since I was in my mid twenties.
    I take notions and go for a while without gaming, then find something I get into and play it to death.
    Gaming really helped me to exercise my brain after it was damaged following a stroke.
    It also helped me improve the dexterity of my left hand (which had been paralysed at first)
    Recovery has been gradual, but I think is better for me than just passively watching TV.
    For example, I felt rather apprehensive about driving, but flying a hover vessel through the woods in Empyrion actually helped me feel much more relaxed and better co-ordinated driving a real vehicle again. It was a tremendous help to me.
    I once had a great thing called the "Miracle Piano System" which hooked up to the Apple Mac and taught musical keyboard skills through a series of little games – I learned and practiced as addictively as I find gaming, so I thought it was indeed a miraculous way to make learning fun.
    I am a Trainer, so I find it fascinating to look at how we humans learn new things and, if you can make it fun – people take to it much more readily.

    I look at kids playing modern computer games and think "Mehhhh….. amateurs!". (winks)

  2. ur jus tryna sell more games, im not sayin that video games r bad infact i am a gamer. but its obvious ur tryna convince ppl to play more video games even the tests u showed in ur lecture, they dont really "measure" what they supposed to measure, nice sponsored-by-Activision video 🙂

  3. Fucking news media needs to watch this this is all facts and real data and let's be frank their is no concrete data about video games being linked to voilent

  4. What is seen with your eyes, effects your heart… and today we wonder? why we go out and stab and shoot each other today!? Much like what they call music is but the same base note beat over and over … ok I am sorry, I will retract this and be quite

  5. Yeah there’s isn’t 70% of 33 year olds that play games lmao. Clicked right off after seeing that blatantly false bullshit

  6. games are good but bad. not really worth the bad. to benefit you have to play atleast a few hours every other day regularly. you dont gain that much. just not worth in general.

  7. i was so glad that this praised video games and gave ways to introduce video gaming into education…. i was seeing when i clicked on this video if i would like it or not… i liked it.

  8. Playing video games can make you smarter that’s if you don’t over do it. Too much gaming can can addiction, like drugs. Some drugs moderately is ok or relaxing but too much, your just not normal anymore.

  9. Video games are the biggest drug man has created…it turns billions of potentially sentient beings in to absolute retards.

  10. Yeah, but when you couple it with all the negative effects it is much worse. Everyone knows that video games can increase certain attributes, everything does… but all the benefits are absolutely useless if the person cannot do anything else productive.

  11. I came to see the comment section, cause all of the commotion happening lately with "video games make you violent"… #August2019

  12. I love certain life lessons for certain games. My favorite example is the gen 5 games in Pokemon. Their main lesson is that morality isn't black and white.

  13. I play in laptop with multitask 4 apps open + open phone with dual
    6 characters … Grinding same time ..
    Open 24/7 …
    That's how I test my device if it's original 😂😂

  14. lol i have been playing video games all my lifeO_o it had no effect my thinking actions or me..
    I dont see the problem xD.. i have been gaming since 1987. i still have my job and i pay my bills..

  15. This only cements Gamers as the one true race, born from the intent of ruling all with our eagle eyes and superior intellect

    Rise up, gamers. Rise up and smell the ashes.

  16. SCHOOL : For education
    Games : ,Fun time,Decide your own choices,Be whoever You want to be , Do What You want to do, Have a HUGE world where You can do anythink You want.
    My School IQ : 55%
    Gametime IQ: 100%
    Games for life and forever !!!

  17. Wife broke the console into pieces the other week.
    Showed her this video….
    Still unable to have a realization or acceptance that the limited gaming I do play is beneficial or potentially positive to even the slightest degree.

  18. Aren’t video games a way to escape reality. You know the same reality that have violence, prostitution, gangs, shooting, and deaths. Yeah games are less violent than reality.

  19. Just one thing that bugs me, its not all the publishers. Its a combination of many people that form a team. The publishers look at the game and say, yeah, sure, it looks done. The publishers are one part of a whole.

  20. Truth indead truth indead….🙎‍♀🙅‍♂🙅‍♂🧟‍♂🙅‍♂🙍‍♀🧛‍♀👩‍🔬👩‍🔬

  21. Last summer, I took my friend’s son to our local shooting range. He is a high level COD player, so I thought he’d enjoy shooting a real gun. I handed him my .45 to see how he’d perform. To my astonishment, he hated it. He was actually terrified. He shot one mag then quit lol.
    Violent games don’t cause violent behavior.

  22. What of being desensitized to violence by shootem up violent games. Questions:
    Who are you being paid by?
    How do you measure being desensitized over time?
    Watching violent shootem up games doesn't have a direct at once violent reaction it's true. What of the long term affects?

  23. The reason why educational games don't work exciting as much as games from the industry, is because the core of the play is about something you don't necessarily have to.

    I wonder how they solved this problem by now

  24. Would just like to say if someone’s kid plays video games more then 3 hours a day it’s the parents fault.
    Bored, unhappy kids play video games.

  25. to gamers. i realize that when i drink cold water my vision gets better dont know why but its like a boost does this happen to any of you

  26. some of us like to waste our time playing video games, while others like to sit in a lab and waste theirs studying why we do it…

  27. I was sure this video was gonna be another middle aged woman talking about how “bad” video games are, but thankyou for not doing that

  28. Stop playing video games when it’s not helping you on your studies. The best way to become better in life is to earn knowledge and make use of your time so you will have a purpose to follow and motivation to inspire you create things.

  29. If the world is ever attacked by mythical monsters I’m your man. I’ve slew thousands on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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