Z51 Predator 660mm Wingspan 2.4G 2CH EPP DIY Glider RC Airplane RTF 日本語レビュー

Z51 Predator 660mm Wingspan 2.4G 2CH EPP DIY Glider RC Airplane RTF 日本語レビュー

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please understand.thanks. Hello, this is Ultra Micro Maniacs. Today we will send a review of “Z51 Predator 660mm Wingspan 2.4G 2CH EPP DIY Glider RC Airplane RTF” which was released a while ago. This plane is a scale model based on the U.S. military unmanned UAV 2ch TOY-RC, In the box “Predator” is stated. Huh! What? This, Predator! What? “RQ/MQ-1 Predator” has a thick V-tail with a tail blade downward V-tail and a nose part ‘s jaw. Whatever you see, this Y-tail wing is “MQ-9 Reapler” … Well, I will forgive him for laughing, but I think that this suitability is China. So let ‘s take a look at modeling again as MQ-9. The deformation which can be seen everywhere was carried out well without destroying the form, it feels quite good. Although the structure of the front wheel is different, the solid main leg seems to withstand gliding well enough, The 8mm diameter motor mounted on the left and right of the main wing is the maximum size with 2ch TOY-RC aircraft. The coloring is the color of the whole body light gray as well as the actual aircraft, A black bird mark is drawn on the aircraft, which makes the monochrome body sharp. Oh yeah, I thought that the aircraft structure was excellent, I did not use glue for assembly. Just stop the main wing, tail wings, receiver, etc. with the upper and lower plastic part sandwiching the screws. The assembly work is completed very easily. Weight is 79.6 g (excluding batteries) actually measured, but it is a heavy aircraft, as it is specs. Motor test This airplane is a 2-channel aircraft that raises, descends, turns left and right by power control of left and right motors, It rises with throttle ON, it goes down with OFF, When the stick is toppled to the left, the power of the right motor rises and the aircraft faces left, If you knock it to the right, the power of the left motor will rise and turn right. Flight test 1st time Take off lightly with a slide of about 10m. On this day, 3 meters of wind was blowing from right to left on the screen, When the nose faces the windwards, it will raise the head very much. It is unavoidable because it is setting that rises with throttle, A little, I think the weight balance is “too close behind”. When I turn on the power with a headwind, it will rise and if it does not enter it, I have hard winds when I have wind. We recommend you to avoid flight as much as possible. The turning performance is also not good. Although it is a husband that can make a small turn by pushing the DR switch of the right shoulder of the transmitter, it does not have much effect. I feel the gyro is working too much. I feel quite narrow even at this square with a diameter of 120m. Throttle is a good meaning, so maintaining altitude is easy, Once you cause phugoid motion, you have a bit of hardship to suppress. Well, I will land soon. I will take it on the approach line. Oh, it was swept … …, I landed on the pillar of the tent. Well, it’s easier to have a faster turning performance. So, we will do this remodeling on this plane using propeller counter torque which was very effective with GD-006. However, it is troublesome to replace the built-in motor itself, I would like to respond by replacing the connector line. Motor reverse rotation is a bit worried about lifetime. Work is easy. Just lift the nail of the plug part of the connector a little and pull out the plumai. Completion. After that replacement of the propeller is completed. Flight test second time As usual it is a characteristic that it rises with a headwind, Since turning has become effective even at the lower limit throttle around which the propeller turns, It is now possible to turn while descending toward the wind. This remodeling is essential. (Personally) It seems that even if it receives crosswind, it will land without approaching the approach line. It was a bit hard landing but succeeded. Summary The configuration of 2ch left/right motor control + gyro correction becoming mainstream of TOY-RC aircraft is simple, so freedom of the aircraft is increased, so even with the V-tail like this airplane it is not necessary to mix anything and it flew normally I will. Speaking cheaply, it is an excellent system that allows you to fly in any shape if you care about the weight and even the size board that can obtain buoyancy.
In that sense, I think that many TOY-RC-scale models will continue to be realized in this way in future. This airplane is one of the products manufactured in such a flow, but it is better to update the detailed points that the shape of the transmitter seems to be like a transmitter and that it is assembled without using an adhesive It was an impression. Since the gyro has an impression that it is slightly effective, since it is an airframe that does not bend, we responded with the agriculture of reversing the direction of rotation of the left and right motors, but if perfectly no wind blows it can also turn without taking a large turning radius, I will change the left and right, I think whether it is good in recognition of degree. This plane is not only for beginners but also as a collector item rare “UM Raptor”^H^H^H “Reaper” so I thought that it was an airplane that I would like to recommend to such a person. Thanks for watching. Subscribe please.

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  1. こんばんは。模型の世界は何でもありですね。(国境もない)

  2. こんにちは。私も入手して2度ほどテストしたのですが離陸もできませんでした。C17では難なく飛ばせたのに・・・何が原因かわかりません。取説を機械訳して何とか理解できたので次回またチャレンジしてみたいと思います。もしそれ以外に何か心当たりがあればぜひアドバイスをよろしくお願いします。ちなみに動画中の改造しました。

  3. 初めまして 私も買ってしまいました たしかに 頭上げすごいですね レビューの中に頭に1グラムほどの重りをと 言ってられたので1円玉はりつけました 大分解消されましたが まだ頭上げすごいですね あと 滑空わるいですね パワー下げると 墜落じょうたいです 飛ばすのはたしかに 初心者向けですが ジャイロききすぎで 逆に飛ばしにくいような 感じがしますが

  4. またまた こんにちは 重りの調整しました 1円玉2枚
    ほど 機体にうめこみました なんとなく善くなった用な気がしますが とりあえずほうこくまで

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